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  1. Dear Kerth,
    Not sure if you received my message, incase you didn’t here it is again. Firstly I want to thank you for your well written books. I think I have them all and am now busy reading psychic development. So much valuable information and help inside, however I do have a few questions. If the power of Satan is so strong and people are turning to Satan for power why can’t we use the power of Satan to do good? What kind of God allows such cruelty to continue without intervening and at the same time says he loves his children. Christianity is very contradictory and the bible was written by man. So many versions and each one is different. Who knows who has the right one?
    Secondly that Satanic chant is so powerful and hypnotic I can’t seem to get the melody out of my mind why is that?

    Thank You

    1. Thank you for your comment Savannah. To answer some of your questions. In terms of psychic powers I think that it all comes down to choosing creativity and love over destructiveness and fear. The name Satan is associated with destructiveness and fear. So I don’t use it in prayer. I don’t think of the being who is associated with the name Satan as being powerful. Anyone who is attuned to the power of love is more powerful than Satan. I happened to open my heart to the source of Creation and Love in a Christian Church, but I know that this opening to spiritual love can happen in different ways for different people. Sometimes religion does get in the way. For me Christian Prayers are the medium I use to send out vibrational spiritual love. But really any positive affirmations will work if they are love based. The Chant does have a quality to it that makes you remember it. I don’t know who wrote it, but it was very popular with some Satanists. And some of these Satanists were once friends of mine. I took a chant that had low vibrational energies attuned to it and reattuned it with love. This isn’t really a war between Christians and Satanists that’s going on right now on Earth. It’s a conflict between those who are choosing love over fear and those who remain stuck in fear.

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