This is heartbreaking information and very difficult to believe, yet… I am open minded and so am very interested in these books (and other similar studies).

This quote I have found (second hand) from another website states – “Kerth has compassion for these very damaged people and he has been trained in a special form of therapy that can help blood drinking addicts recover from their addiction.”

If this practice actually occurs on Earth at this time, then I am 100% certain that this approach (through compassion) is the only realistic approach such that we can move past this recurrent paradigm.

This is why I ordered these two books. Sam


Horrible and fascinating . . . very well written. I believe it to be fact; if fiction, it is certainly convincing. It does seem to explain a lot of things I have read about or heard about; nothing surprising about human nature and how some people crave power so much, and attain it, and then act out their fantasies on other people, subordinating and enslaving them just because they have the power to do so. That is the nature of evil; having no compassion or empathy for the suffering or feelings of others; extreme self-centeredness and narcissism. Seeing others only as means to their own ends; in those peoples’ minds, you are either simply in their way or giving them what they want – not much else. Ultimately this was a tale of great suffering that led to redemption and understanding and if all true, I bow to the author for overcoming the most horrendous abuse and saving himself – i.e., saving his own soul. I salute him.

“Couldn’t put it down.” Maryann

“This is a really good book. Everyone should read it, to get a good idea of what the world is up against. The illuminati are the biggest problem humanity faces. This book, and his first, sheds a light on their evil and psychopathy. The book is easy to read and interesting. Mr. Barker deserves so much credit and thanks for exposing them.” Cathy

“Thank you so much… Im sorry you had to go thru misery. I send you light with might from the highest form of respect and love possible.” Al

“This is very courageous of you and I hope that this book will circulate all over the planet and make more people aware.” Sophie

“We have to awake spiritually and we can put an end to this right now.” Nicole

“Thanks for your courage.The quicker we get this info out there,the more people we can wake up and hopefully get real justice and lock up these sicko’s once and for all and free humanity from this insanity.” Tony

“Thanks for surviving to tell us the truth.” Beatriz

“I got the link from Davidicke.com. thank you,” Aneta

“Although not a victim in this lifetime,certain pointers in my astrological chart point to some sort of systemic abuse in previous lifetimes. This may explain my interest in the occult,and in a horribly fascinated way – SRA,MK Ultra, Alien interference etc. As a mother of two I love and cherish their beautiful souls and will fight against these “humans” who commit these crimes and those who let it happen. Thanks to the internet we are waking up to the deception and horror of our ruling elite and their minions. A lot of warriors of Love are incarnating and are ready to stand ground and take back our planet! Bring it on!!!!” Chris

Kindly, add your comments below…

11 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I’m currently a victim…. It’s amazing me me how much information I’m getting from when there was none on the beginning.

  2. Hi Kerth, I actually came across your book “CANNIBALISM, BLOOD DRINKING & HIGH-ADEPT SATANISM” whilst trying to get back into reading. It is really written in a way that I was totally hooked from start to finish and ended up reading the whole book in one day. I have placed an order for some of your other books too, and am keen to learn more about the illumanati and luciferians after reading your experiences. You’re making a difference and all my friends are wanting to borrow the books.

  3. In all honesty, I feel deeply disappointed in the lack of specific content in your book, Mental Liberation. I am searching for Specific tools and guidance in breaking free from sadistic programming and torture perpetrated on me by an inter-generational satanic cult from being “claimed” in the womb until I cut off all contact with my family of origin at age 28. I am 55 years old and still controlled by depression, self-hatred, and cult programming messages so deep in my subconscious I feel powerless to change my thinking. The programming set up multiple- layered self destruction commands. I have made a lot of progress over 30 years, but when I get to the core, programming takes over and I fall off the edge of the earth into hell. I am not “allowed” to feel happy or like myself- Ever- without severe psychological consequences.
    I so hoped I would find real answers in your book, but it read like a ‘teaser’, i.e., ‘I will tell you how to break free, I will show you techniques…. Oh, I can’t print the specifics, it’s not safe. I’ve spent 30+ years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapy, SRA treatment centers, Trauma-based psychiatric hospitals, medications, groups, DBT, Reiki, demonic exorcism, private individuals with spiritual gifts to heal Dissociative Identity Disorder, books, martial arts… the list is endless and all my money is gone! Separate from the cult activity, my grandfather worked in Washington D.C. I have memories of him bringing me into tunnels beneath the city where government sponsored “research” was being done on children with psychic abilities (mid-1960’s- early 1970’s). The research was extremely traumatizing and sadistic as well.
    You mention in your book experiences of animal sacrifices and I think- big f***ing deal. I grew up in a cult/ “secret society” that held kidnapped teenage girls hostage in the cult house as breeders for infant sacrifices. The extra children they kept through toddler-hood to abuse, torture, murder as “lessons” and programming for the “community children” who could not be marked with bruises. It was a far worse form of torture than if they had maimed and killed me. They used electrocution, sleep deprivation, noise, drugs, psychological and spiritual torture and any other method that did not leave marks on my skin.
    Your book promised help, but fell far and disappointingly short.
    I cannot find help that reaches deep enough to “re-program or de-program” my deeply scarred mind and psyche. Do I remain a casualty; a throw-away? I’m angry, filled with an inner Rage as powerful as nuclear fusion.
    You “promised” to help me find mental liberation and you are one more empty promise in a long line of interventions that never reach the root of programming in my Tortured mind.

    1. Hi. There isn’t any real help outside Biblical Christianity.. I’m not talking just going to church, or talking with a pastor. Anyone claiming some secret way, or anything else is a liar. The Holy Spirit is the real healer. Your tortured because you live in the past, looking for a magic key to take it all away. Focus on Scripture, memorize it, follow it. Trust God to be God, and let the hustlers and frauds go. If you keep focusing on trying to get fixed, you’ll always be there.. The Bible says we put away the “old man” and put on the new.. focus your mind on only the good, and don’t allow what anyone did to continue living in you. They are not that powerful, other than in your mind and what you allow.. Memorize Scripture. Memorize also the Westminster Shorter Catachism, and the 1st question esp of the Heidelberg Confession.. These are solid confessions of faith.
      Fast.. one day a week, then move to a 3 day water fast.. Prayer and fasting…
      Excersise regularly. Eat healthy. Listen to Dr. Peter Glidden of Rise Up To Health, and instead of wasting money on thereby that won’t work, and putting $ in someone else’s pocket, get Youngevity Minerals and viamins. I personally use Youngevity products, and Dr. Caroline Deans minerals, esp the Magnesium, Calcium, and Remyte minerals.. Trust me. You can listen to Gliden on YouTube to get introduced, but he has lots of info on his site, Rise Up To Health. Many many issues can get healed through proper nutrition. He’s a naturopathic Dr.. If you do these things… Bible, memorization and use it as a sword .. focus thinking on Gods Word.. fasting, nutrition, excersise, and trying not to relive or even solve everything, you’ll have success. I think to many people are always looking for answers when what God says to do is focus on His law. You’ve spent all this money and feel you’ve gotten nowhere, there’s a reason for that. The Holy Spitit provides the greatest counseling. You’ll probably say you’ve done all this. Then keep doing it. Quite looking under rocks for answers and solutions. Quite living in the past, that’s where their power lies, in your own mind. Take care.

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  5. Dear Mr. Barker:

    A member of our ministry read your book, Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers, a most horrific and sad story, but one that we thank you for bravely sharing with the world. Since that time we have not ceased to pray for you to enter into close fellowship with God our Father through His Son Jesus to know the Lord’s love for you and His power to heal and bless beyond our imagination–truths Satan tried to keep you from knowing. You are a great inspiration to others and a precious soul to the Lord Jesus. May God continue to draw you to Himself, to teach you His holy Word in the Bible, and to protect your mind, body, and spirit.

    With much love in Christ,
    HeavenlyManna.net team

  6. People need to be made aware there are some circles that are carrying out mind control with the use of the WIFI and Car Radio. Once the signal has bene established to the auditory cortex the operator who lives in Switzerland and London is using Nazi Mind Control and their Dream Machine to carry out abuse and share price fixing. This sick machine provides them with instant sex, sick people do sick things. The sick man is usually sat naked in his flat, filming his sons doing things that should not be allowed.

  7. I became ill and had to go to bed for four months when Pizza-Pedogate broke. I went looking for what manner of therapeutic approaches there may be for the enormous flood of wounded people we must help heal when the trafficking, pedo rings and Illuminati is dismembered. I found your books, Kerth, and ordered all of them. I saw “Fabian Therapy” and was a little freaked, because I knew The Fabian Society is linked to the Illuminati. You explained that it’s your own chosen name for the approaches to healing victims such as yourself, because your therapists were defectors from that system. They knew how to undo what had been done. NOW… my interest: I was extremely pleased to see that the therapy includes several of the processes I had used myself to uncover my own pre-verbal incest abuse. I have journals spanning 45 years, filled with dreams, waking dreams, past-life regressions, meditations, hypnosis, breath work and bioenergetic type exercises, I love that Fabian Rx is gentled down to allow the mind to heal at it’s own rate without reliving all the terrors. I had just begun to have memory leakage of abuse and didn’t have memories. I pushed myself in a fury to figure out how I got to be my dissociative and psychic self. I love it that you have a book to help “deal” with the psychic after effects. It took a long time to become comfortable with that one. I’ve been at it for many years and I’m a joyful person. I was ashamed to share some of the worst in the book I have almost completed. My intention for the book is sharing how I used those memories in current life situations. One of the big themes in my past life memories is VIRGIN SACRIFICE. It seemed too unbelievable. I had to have made it up… Nobody would do that horrible stuff to an innocent child. Right? Nothing I recorded approached the magnitude of depravity being unleashed on victims now. We must stop them. We must realize that victims, untreated, run the risk of becoming victimizers. They need to know that there is a potential for purposeful, joyful life. Oh, the compassion I’ve been shown from Spiritual Guides, from God. Recently, they comforted me during my pizza gate hibernation; “You are doing just fine. You were born for this time.” Because of the lifelong effects of early abuse which I couldn’t even remember, and how I had to struggle to regain my own soul, I can’t imagine what character of warrior spirit you possess, Kerth. I have enormous respect for your courage to heal, to share, to contribute to a more loving future for this planet. Thank you.

  8. I looked up Fabian Therapy on the internet and can not find much about it. i plan on getting the books but I still would like to learn more about it.

  9. I want to thank Kerth Barker for his book, Mental Liberation in The Age of Thought Control, which was very consoling and helpful for me to read. I especially appreciate the aspect of Fabian Therapy in which the person works on rehabilitating her memory without having to focus on traumatic memories. I think I’ve needed to focus on my own traumatic memories to some extent, so that I could understand the context of my life experience. Now that I realize the fact of being programmed as a small child (which was very hard for me to believe at first) I am grateful to Kerth for showing me how to mend my memory without having to continue focusing on the negative. For this I am very grateful. Thank you, Kerth.

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